Mindfulness: The body scan The body scan is an ideal practice to help strengthen your mind/body connection. It grounds your awareness in your body. You can practice it while sitting, standing or lying down, for durations of 5 – 30 minutes or longer. The purpose of the body scan is to experience your physical body… Read More

What is mindful eating? Mindful eating begins with an awareness of the physical, emotional and mental cues that tell us it’s time to eat. It can help us to differentiate between inner cues such as physical hunger and outer cues like tempting aromas, or the set hour for a particular meal or snack. It can… Read More

Mindfulness: Acceptance The practice of mindfulness brings us into present moment reality with acceptance of the moment as it is. We accept each breath as it arrives, be it short, long, deep or shallow. We observe it and let it go, releasing it on the out-breath. We accept the following breath as it comes, free… Read More

Daily Mindfulness There are many ways to practice daily mindfulness. A popular method is to mindfully complete routine tasks that you would otherwise do automatically. Some people choose to anchor their practice to a specific activity such as brushing their teeth, as a reminder to invite mindfulness into the experience. Imagine if you paid attention to how… Read More

Mindfulness Practice: Returning What are we returning to? Our self, as experienced through our senses, in the here and now, by retuning our attention to our breath and making a conscious decision —not to engage with our thoughts. You can do it whenever you have a minute or two to spare. This mini-mindfulness practice is a great… Read More