Anti-anxiety Antiviral Tea


Anti-anxiety, antiviral tea: Lemon balm, red rose petals and wild mountain thyme

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Lemon balm, red rose petal and wild mountain thyme are combined for a relaxing tea with anti-anxiety, antiviral and anti-microbial properties. Lemon balm has a pleasant lemony flavour. It can help to ease digestive upsets associated with anxiety, relax tense muscles and lower blood pressure.

Red rose petals are also calming with beneficial actions on the heart. They smell wonderful and are surprisingly high in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants to help boost immunity. Red rose petals are also anti-bacterial. Red rose tea is traditionally drank to improve mood, reduce stress and added to cough bottles to help sooth the respiratory tract, lungs, and throat.

Wild mountain thyme is added to help keep colds and flu away. Thyme is anti-viral, antiseptic and anti-microbial. The aromatic qualities of thyme assist with relaxation and helps to reduce anxiety. It helps with dypepsia and sluggish digestion. It is soothing for dry irritated coughs and asthma.

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