Iris Analysis


1 hour iris analysis in Dungarvan clinic in Waterford.


1 hour iris analysis in Dungarvan clinic: Find out what your eyes can reveal about your current state of health and your inherited strengths and weaknesses. There is a map of your body in your eyes, whatever has impacted your nervous system is recorded in the form of lines, markings called lacunae and pigments that correspond with specific organs.

The phrase “Prevention is cheaper than cure.” applies here. Knowing what you can do to prevent the progression of disease or how better to support your essential organs, can empower you to take responsability for your own health and well-being.

We are physical, emotional and mental beings. An iris analysis offers you insights to how you handle stress, process experiences and can provide valuable insights into issues you cannot explain. Ultimately an iris analysis can help you to target diet and lifestyle changes for maximum results.