Water Kefir Grains


Water kefir grains: get started making your own water kefir for a natural probiotic drink you can make at home. Feeding the good bacteria in the gut is shown to improve immunity, digestions, energy levels and mood.

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Get started making your own healthy, all natural, fizzy, probiotic drinks with fresh water kefir grains. Once you have your water kefir grains all you need is sugar and water to start making your own water kefir at home. Water kefir grains contain beneficial yeasts and bacteria that support your immune system and promote good gut health. It is also extremely economical and easy to do. Best of all you will be able to gift grains to family, friends and loved ones as your water kefir grains multiply.

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Water kefir is ideal for people who are allergic to dairy or simply prefer plant-based, vegan foods.

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