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Nutrition, Iridology and Herbal Medicine Consultations

Prevention is better than cure—which means you don’t have to wait until you are ill to book a consultation. When you combine nutrition and lifestyle recommendations with herbal support, based on your iris analysis, you have the essential elements to improve your health naturally and effectively. Dietary and lifestyle changes are introduced at a pace to suit you, because just taking herbal medicine without making the necessary changes is settling for half a solution.  I also offer mindfulness practices, which can assist the healing process and improve daily living.

Consultations available in Athy, Co. Kildare, Dublin 6W and Ennis, Co. Clare.

Allow an hour for your first consultation, we will review your medical history, current health, lifestyle, exercise and stress levels, dietary habits and any medications or supplements you are taking. We will outline your main health concerns and what you would like to accomplish.

I will take a picture of your eyes, which we will then view on screen for your iris analysis. Seeing a close-up image of your eyes for the first time is truly profound. It also enables me to determine the key dietary and lifestyle changes that are important for you at this time. Also if certain healing protocols or herbal medicines would be of benefit to you.

Cost: €75 (1 hour) 

Couples: €130 (2 hours)

Allow 45 – 55 minutes for your follow-up consultation. We will look at how you got on and decide how best to continue moving forward. Once you have a firm grasp of what works for you and how to apply what you are learning, you are on your way.

  • You can request a follow-up visit anytime within 12 months of your last visit.

Cost: €60 (55 minutes)
Couples: €80 (55 minutes)

Available only with a consultation

  • Herbal tinctures from €25/250 mls
  • Herbal infusions from €5
  • Herbal powders vary in price

Nature’s medicine chest

Herbs have been used for millennia, precisely because they supply what we need to cleanse, nourish and heal ourselves. When used in their whole state and proportionally combined with related supporting herbs, herbal remedies resonate healing on physical, emotional and mental levels. Occasionally they challenge us with bitter, astringent or acrid flavours that are missing from processed and refined foods and yet are essential to maintaining tone.

All herbal remedies are individually formulated for each client. If you are stressed, nervine herbs help to soothe frayed nerves and are rich in minerals, a deficiency of which, can lead to a depleted nervous system. Of course not all stress is the same and this is mirrored in the variety of herbs available to precisely meet each individual’s needs.

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Cancellations: 48 hour notice required or a cancellation fee will be applied. Thank you.