Nutritionist, Iridologist & Master Medical Herbalist

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Nutritionist, Master Medical Herbalist, Iridologist

My name is Liz Kane, I am a nutritionist, iridologist, master medical herbalist and mindfulness practitioner. I studied nutrition, iridology and herbal medicine with Master Medical Herbalist Helen Begadon at The Irish School of Herbal Medicine in Portlaoise, Ireland, —which is associated with the European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association. I am also a member of the Irish Association of Master Medical Herbalists. I hold a professional certificate in the therapeutic use of Mindfulness from the Institute of Counselling & Psychotherapy. 

The holistic response to well-being acknowledges our individuality on physical, emotional and mental levels.

Improving our health does not have to mean giving up all the things we enjoy, but every now and then, we do need to take time out and evaluate the results of our daily choices. Good health enables us to live to our fullest potential. Life-cycle changes, personal experiences or environmental factors can all herald a need to initiate dietary and lifestyle changes.

My Approach

Implementing dietary and lifestyle changes in a sequence, and at a pace that suits you, can help you to successfully adopt healthy habits for life. I want to help you take charge of your own health outcomes. I know that strengthening the mind/body connection can help us to listen more attentively to early warning signals and other messages from the body, such as appetite regulation and when it is time to rest. The experience of natural healing can inspire fresh awe and appreciation for our body, reconnect us with nature and the life force within.

Living is synonymous with healing, which is always active on some level within us.

Healing involves both mind and body. Just as nutrition, herbs and natural therapeutics can act on the body to influence health, our thoughts, emotions, relationships and environment, also exert an influence. Everything is inter-related and part of an integrated whole. Holistic medicine fosters respect for ourselves, each other and the world we live in.

The Master Medical Herbalist

As a master medical herbalist I can formulate each herbal remedy to respond to your individual, current needs. Herbs are safe and effective in treating the myriad of diet and lifestyle related illnesses of our 21st century. Herbal medicine can also support us through our natural life cycle, including menopause. Many herbs are nutrient dense and rich in micro-nutrients that can be difficult to obtain from the foods we eat. Herbs, nutrition, iridology, mindfulness and natural healing protocols can help to redress the many imbalances that result from living out of sync with our authentic self and nature.

Herbs bring the healing power of Nature into everyday living.