Nutrition, Iridology and Herbal Medicine Consultations


Prevention is better than cure—which means you don’t have to wait until you are ill to book a consultation. When you combine nutrition and lifestyle recommendations with herbal support, based on your iris analysis, you have the essential elements to improve your health naturally and effectively. Dietary and lifestyle changes are introduced at a pace to suit you, because just taking herbal medicine without making the necessary changes is settling for half a solution.  I also offer mindfulness practices, which can assist the healing process and improve daily living.

1st Consultation

Allow an hour for your first consultation, which is available in-person or online. This is your opportunity to discuss your health concerns and be heard. I will need to know if you are taking any medications, supplements and what you typically eat, along with your exercise routines, stress levels and sleep pattern. I will ask you about your medical history, allergies, and any other information that you deem relevant. Nutritional and lifestyle advice, herbal formulae and natural healing protocols may be offered if applicable.

1 hr Follow-up

Follow-up appointments are usually scheduled every 3-4 weeks until you are happy to continue on your own. We will review how you are doing and decide how to continue to progress. You can request a follow-up anytime within 12 months of your last consultation.

30 minute Follow-up

This is ideal if you need to re-focus on your eating habits, whether you have fallen back into your old ways or want to take your health goals to the next level. You can request a 30 minute follow-up anytime within 12 months of your last visit.

The Iris Analysis

An iris analysis is included with all in-person, first consultations. If you are requesting an online first consultation I will take into account the implications of eye colour.

Nourish, cleanse & tone from within

Herbal remedies are individually formulated for each client, as needed, following a consultation. Only medicinal quality herbs that are ethically harvested and can be traced to source are used. They may be taken as loose powders or capsules, in alcohol based tinctures, as a tea, or in the form of salves for external application.

Herbs have always been used to strengthen and cleanse the body, to activate healing and to help restore balance on physical, emotional and mental levels.

Experience the benefits:

  • Regain a healthy glow from within.
  • Strengthen your mind/body connection.
  • Reach and maintain a healthy body-weight while meeting your nutritional needs.
  • Strengthen immunity & assist the healing process during/after a period of illness.
  • Improve digestion & nutrient assimilation.
  • Learn how to better manage a chronic health condition, including allergies, skin & respiratory conditions.
  • Improve heart health & circulation.
  • Increase energy, emotional well-being, quality of sleep & mental clarity.

Online Consultations

Convenient and affordable option to get nutrition and lifestyle plan relevant to you. Herbal remedies formulated for you if needed.


Cancellations: 48 hour notice required or a cancellation fee will be applied. Thank you.

Under 16’s
Online consultations are not available for children under 16 years of age: The written consent of a parent or legal guardian of the person being treated must be supplied prior to all appointments for persons under 16 years of age. A parent, legal guardian or other nominated responsible adult, named in the letter of consent, must be present prior to, during and following clinic consultations.