Herbal Tea Bundle


A selection of medicinal quality herbal teas to enjoy for their taste and health benefits.

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Medicinal Herbal Teas:

  • Motherwort, Damiana and Peppermint 120gm
    ~ an energising blend with a focus on the reproductive organs
  • Lemon balm, Nettle and Red rose petals 120gm
    ~ both nourishing and relaxing for body and mind
  • Elderflowers and Peppermint 60gm
    ~ not just for colds and flu, anti-inflammatory, promotes circulation
  • Wild Mountain Thyme 120gm
    ~ great for a sore throat or cough, improve digestion, support immunity and more
  • Greek Mountain Tea 60gm
    ~ for prevention and cure: cold/flu, respiratory, indigestion, anxiety, tiredness
  • Hops and Hibiscus flowers 60gm
    ~ unwind and prepare for sleep

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