Herbal Tea Infusion Gift Bags


A selection of quality herbal teas to enjoy for their taste and health benefits.

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A selection of herbal tea infusions:

  • Lemon verbena
    ~ relaxing, digestive, to add flavour to tea blends
  • Calming, daytime
    ~ Lemon balm, Chamomile, Catnip, Red rose petals and Spearmint
  • Wild Mountain Thyme
    ~ great for a sore throat or cough, improve digestion, support immunity and more
  • Greek Mountain Tea
    ~ for prevention and cure: cold/flu, respiratory, indigestion, anxiety, tiredness
  • Lavender
    ~ unwind and prepare for sleep
  • Pink rose buds
    ~ add a handful to a bath, or 1 bud per cup, of 1 bud to add flavour to pot.
  • Spearmint, to stimulate flavour in blends, or for after dinner digestive aid.
  • Nettle, Damiana and Red rose petal
  • Mullein leaf, Hibiscus flower
  • Motherwort and Wood betony to relax and ground
  • Changes may be made depending on availability but will be to the same value.

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70 euro value herbal infusions and postage


60 e total value teas and postage