Nutrition, Iridology, Herbal Medicine Services

Services: Nutrition, Iridology & Herbal Medicine

Nutritional foods that heal
Green salad with fermented vegetables to help rebalance gut flora.

I offer nutrition and herbal medicine consultations with iris analysis. These healing modalities work seamlessly together. Iridology can help to identify your specific nutritional needs and highlight body systems that may be in need of herbal support. Herbal medicine is safe and effective, all herbs used are non-habit-forming and of traceable medicinal quality.

I treat people of all ages and both genders, in counties Clare and Dublin, Ireland. I am also available for group talks, foraging walks and workshops.

Nutrition Consultation with Iris Analysis

A one-to-one consultation to identify the key dietary and lifestyle changes that will yield you the most appreciable results, when you apply and practice what you are learning.

Good nutrition can help to prevent disease and promote health by arresting morbid processes in the body. Numerous recent studies show that a vegan diet is associated with reversing a wide variety of chronic health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, renal, heart and gastrointestinal diseases.

The majority of chronic health conditions we see today, are a direct result of eating too many processed and refined foods that burden the body with food chemicals that are difficult to eliminate. Unfortunately food chemicals are found in just about all foods. Healthy habit: Read food labels.

Herbal Medicine Consultation with Iris Analysis

Medical Herbalist tradition: Cleanse, nourish and heal
Master Medical Herbalist tradition: Cleanse, nourish and heal

Herbal medicine can get to, and treat, the root cause of many chronic and unresolved health conditions. Herbs have always been used by mankind for both food and medicine, they are deeply cleansing, nourishing and healing. Nutritional and lifestyle changes that are specific to your needs will be recommended.

How many consultations?

That depends on what you want to accomplish and what your starting point is. Some clients need only one follow-up consultation and will return again when they are ready to make more changes or to re-focus on their health. Clients with chronic health conditions often visit once a month as we work to cleanse, nourish and tone-up specific areas. A maintenance plan usually follows, and as long as this is working the client need not return.

First consultation: €60 / Follow-up consultations: €40
A follow-up consultation can be requested anytime within 12 months of last visit.

Online support

Online support is freely available to follow-up clients.


Re-jig-it is designed to help you organise your shopping lists, recipes, juicing or sprouting routines to help you to successfully make the changes you want. The practical sessions can be learning to make a basic herbal dressing, healthy treats, re-jig your favourite dishes, or plan and prep for a week’s meals. Sessions are tailored to your individual needs and dietary requirements or recommendations.

  1. First consultation: 2 hours
  2. Practical session: 2 hours
  3. Follow-up consultation with practical session: 2 hours

The basic plan (outlined above) starts at €275. Additional follow-up sessions can be added if requested.

Foraging Walks

forage for wild herbal foods and medicine
Forage for wild herbal foods and medicine.

I love to forage for wild edibles and herbs for the teapot. Spring and summer are generally the ideal times to organise a foraging walk. Bringing a camera along is a good idea as it can help with identifying plants at a later time. It is also nice to know the names and a little about the traditional use of the plants that most take your fancy.

On a deeper level, plants invite us to connect with aspects of ourselves that get lost in the busyness of 21st Century life. There is so much of our culture that has been largely forgotten, namely the wise way of using plants for food and medicine, which kept us connected with nature and our own nature within.

If you would like to organise a foraging or plant identification walk, then please contact me.