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Dulse Soup

Dulse, also known as dillisk, does not require pre-soaking and can be eaten raw. It is milder tasting than many other seaweeds and generally will not overpower a dish. Always wash seaweed in fresh water to remove any sand or small stones before cooking. Ingredients: 1 cup of washed dulse 2 cups of mashed potatoes […]

Dulse Seaweed

Dulse: Palmaria palmate Dulse, also known as Dillisk, (Dilleasc or Creathnach in Irish), is a red seaweed that has been harvested along the coasts of Ireland for centuries. It is sold dried, either whole or flaked. Dried dulse has a soft, chewy texture and rich umami flavour. It has been likened to smoked bacon and enriches […]