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Dulse Seaweed

Dulse: Palmaria palmate Dulse, also known as Dillisk, (Dilleasc or Creathnach in Irish), is a red seaweed that has been harvested along the coasts of Ireland for centuries. It is sold dried, either whole or flaked. Dried dulse has a soft, chewy texture and rich umami flavour. It has been likened to smoked bacon and enriches […]

Sea Spaghetti

Himanthalia elongata Sea spaghetti has a mild sweet taste. It cooks up in minutes, tastes great and makes a healthy substitute for conventional pasta. Chop and add to salads, stir-fries, soups and stews, or serve it in place of a green vegetable. If you like a savoury chew try eating it raw, fresh or dried. […]