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Nourish and flourish

healthy dinnerA healthy diet is fundamental to a healthy body. The abundance of contradictory research on what constitutes a healthy diet can be confusing, and being told that what was good for us yesterday is bad for us today can numb us on the whole subject of diet. Fad diets and food trends come and go, however eating a good variety of nourishing wholefoods is still the best option.

Our dietary needs change with our state of health, age and levels of activity. Lifestyle and emotional factors also play a role, as well as adequate water intake, exercise, fresh air and rest. Our taste buds can become over-stimulated to the point of being numbed by eating too much over-processed food that has little nourishment but lots of artificial flavour. Re-training our taste-buds to appreciate the taste of fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices can be a huge challenge that is both rewarding and enjoyable.

Increased energy, the end of digestive upsets and other discomforts that may have become the norm are just some of the rewards that you might expect when you clean up your diet. Opt for seasonal local produce, simply prepared and eat slowly, enjoying the taste and texture.

Replace white flour products with wholegrains. Get into the habit of reading food labels and if the list is too long leave it on the shelf.

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